Saturday, March 31, 2012


"Blue Dragon" by Suzanna Leigh
This is the year of the Dragon in Chinese astrology, occupying the fifth position,  a mighty one,  passionate, independent and adventurous, much like fiery Aries, the sign that ushers in Spring and new beginnings. We at Vashon Intuitive Arts are busy planting seeds for many events and workshops as we plan our Second Year Anniversary, which will be held on May 12th. Stay posted for more on that later.... 
How appropriate then, that we would be hosting our April Artist of The Month, Suzanna Leigh, whose subject will be, you guessed it, Dragons! "I used to fear Dragons, especially the Dragon inside. I kept my own internal Dragon submerged deep inside my subconsious", says Suzanna, which inspired her to explore the world of Dragon myth through her illustrations and stories. We are very excited to learn about Dragon energy!  
Stop in on first Friday on your gallery cruise and get fired up!
 You can visit Suzanna at

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